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Sandman Animation Studio is one of the most exciting animation companies in Asia today. In it’s first year alone the studio won two animation awards and completed it’s very own cartoon series ‘My Pet”. The show quickly went on to win a 'Golden Panda Award' for it's high production values and enchanting stories. It was snapped up by Beijing Yo Young and SMG TV channels and broadcast across Asia. Since then Sandman Animation Studio has produced a long line of multi-award winning animated shows like 'Odd Bod', 'Little China', 'Ra Ra' and of course 'My Pet'.

As a result Sandman Animation Studio was asked to work with some of the top animation colleges and schools to set up 'The Sandman Animation Classes' to raise the level of the animation across China. These classes are now held in very high regard and cover every thing from traditional 2d animation, flash animation and 3D animation classes. 'The Sandman Classes' reached such high excellence from the teaching, that Sandman Animation were awarded three brass plaques of honor for it’s co-operations and continual high standards. This co–operation continues today and strengthens our determination to produce the best animators to the Chines animation market.

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Sandman Animation Studio is not only a high quality IP studio. We are also one of the most highly regarded animation service studio in Asia too. With a track record second to none, in schedule perfection to outstanding animation production values. We have produced work from all around the world included world famous TV shows like BAFTA nominated 'Horrid Henry', and 'SPACEBALLS' to BAFTA winning animated feature films like 'A Child's Christmas', 'Quo Vadis' and 'Sokator442', to high end Game animation like 'Mirrors Edge', to co-productions like 'Trenk the little Knight'. We pride ourselves meeting the very high animation and technical standards of our clients, and are very proud of the work we produce.

In 2008 Sandman Animation set up Sandman DIP Studio to cope with the high demands of todays animation market,and it has become a very valuable assest to an already very exciting studio. Our quality and experienced team has produced some of the best animation on TV today and for some of the best animation companies in the world. Our goal, is to become one of China’s leading
cartoon animation producers and a leading animation teaching forces.

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Sandman Animation Studio is a 900 square metre studio with more than 120 professional artists and technicians. Providing every everything a client would ever need for their production. The luxury studio is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, on the shore of the beautiful Jin Li Lake and provides a beautiful and relaxing environment for its staff. The Suzhou Industrial Park is the fastest growing Technical Investment Park in Asia, and holds the Asian Animation Convention every year.

Today’s animation and technical standards are very demanding on studios and We pride ourselves on a very strong animation and technical team to meet those standards. Our constant updated equipment and knowledge makes us one of the best animation studio facilities in China. We look forward to working on your animated production soon.

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Welcome to Sandman Animation Studio.