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DISNEY come to visit Sandman Animation Studio for the wonderful production of Lilo and Stitch. They were a delight to have in the studio and the animation director Tony was very helpful in keeping it looking stunning. The new series is looking fantastic and we are all very proud of it. Looking forward to working with you all again soon and to many, many more productions together too.


Shanghai Liscensing Expo,


Thank you to everyone at the Shanghai Liscensing Expo, we had a fantastic day, with some fantastic meetings and plans for the new year !! With around 120 books and a packed catalogue of classic animation, we are opening the doors wider for toys, clothing and a lot more.

This year there were more sellers and buyers than any year before, with a fantastic mix of products from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting you all soon to extend development of Sandman Animation Studio and the world of children's entertainment.

MIPCOM festival.

MIP is always a fabulous trip for Sandman Animation Studio. After seven years we have become a very stable production for people to meet and discuss future projects and liscensing possibilties. With a back history that grows stronger and stronger every year we have a respect that stands head and shoulders above many animation production studios. So I would like to take this chance to thank EVERYONE that has helped make Sandman such an incredible studio and one that we are very proud of.

The year ahead promises to be our best year yet...........Looking forward to working with you all.


Short trip home.

Time for a short trip home to see family and friends. The old house always feels good to come back and relax in. Just a few days before the rush of festivals again............yes ! it is that time of year again. Another fast and busy year with some incredible shows completed and feeling better than ever! The world seems slowly paced and relaxed. It touches the soul and raises the heart ...........beautiful !


DISNEY and SANDMAN ANIMATION STUDIO come together to produce the next exciting series of 'Lilo and Stitch, the amazing succesful film and TV series. This is hugely popular show and with an amazing collection of merchandise to go with it. We are very proud to be a part of this wonderful show and very much look forward to a very long a fruitful relationship.

We have seen in recent months a huge return to 2D tradtional animation and it is very exciting for us to be seen as one of the front running studios for production. Thank you to everyone for your continual faith and support !


Movie Premiere.

The Moomins feature movie 'Moomins on the Riveria' have been nominated for best animated film at the 18th Shanghai Film festival. Sandman and Handle productions were there for the Asian film premiere and it was a truly amazing night. The Moomins were very well recieved by the chinese audiences and the stadium was SOLD OUT ! The crowds were delighted to see the moomins and were truly amazed to hear that the animation for the movie was hand drwn in Suzhou China. It seemed to make the moomins closer to everyones heart.

A very special Thank you to all the film organisers, translators and very friendly people that gave us so much kindness.


We are delighted to announce the King Ra Ra books are now running in 51 countries across the world and translated into English and Chinese. The adventures seem to be a firm favorite with the kid's. We have 100 books now in our book catelogue and we are hoping to double that in the coming year with new addition like Little China, Mission-E and Flug and the Oddies.

Check them out also on Kindle and itunes books


Kieron Seamons and Disney's Hero 6 ( Bai max ) dancing at the world table tennis championships. It was a fabulous day for everyone that attended, and the fun, games and performances were incredible. Thanks to everyone who attended the shows and for making Sandman and Bai Max so welcome.

Little China comic books.

Little China comics are now released on iTunes and Kindle. These are an extention of the hugely popular Little China children's books and TV show. We are very excited to have the first 4 volumes ready and the next 2 ready for up load soon. You can see more info at little china.

"If you are a fan of the comic classics like 'Calvin and Hobbes',' Snoopy ' and many others from the days of ink on paper, then 'Little China' needs to be sitting up with them. Beautifully drawn and painted by hand, the artwork transforms the reader into Little China's world. It the comic strip explores a comical adventure to know more about the world around him and the feelings inside. Little China is adorable in his views on life and when things don't go as planned he is heard to exclaim "It's not easy being Purple !". His purple colour came from developing a taste for eating purple flowers. This adds a magical and heart warming element that simple makes you want to hug him.

The comic strip first ran in the Teddy Bear International magazine and now it has become a vast collection comic strip volumes for everyone to own on Kindle and iPad devices. It is also a collection of children's books covering 51 countries and a 3D animated TV show, the pilot of which has won many awards including the 'Crystal Star for Animation'. The cuddly teddy bear of Little China has been reviewed in the 'BOSS' magazines and 'Teddy Bear International magazine' to name a few, which ran a competition to win one of the teddy bear plush toys. The competition had the largest amount of entries in the magazines history."



International design expo.

Kieron at the International Design Festival and promoting Sandman Animation Studio. A fabulous day and always great to meet up with some old friends. Thank you to all the organisers and friendly faces. We will be there next year for sure !


We are very proud to have another AMAZING season of Horrid Henry finished. They just get better and better and the teams involved just get better and better. This clearly the best yet and it looks fabulous ! It is already the longest running UK cartoon show and we hope that it will continue for many many more seasons to come. Check it out on Citv ! The rough pencil line design for this show keeps us on our toes and keeps our artists working hard to perfect the style and design.

We are very proud of the final results and very proud to be a part of the fantastic team that made it work.


Here is a wonderful but short video of Sandman Animation Studio during the making of the Moomins at the Riveria, the feature animated movie. A lovely

memory and a very good window to the studio in action. There will be a full length 'Making of the Moomins' later in the year, so for now, Enjoy the clips of our team and the working studio



Another amazing trip to France to discuss future projects and shows for the coming year. This year there has been more mixed media shows on offer and to our excitement more and more companies turning back to the quality of 2D animation. Flash seems to be fading and the word on everyones lips seems to be quality. 2D and Quality is what we do best. It has been a very busy year for Sandman and both our studios have done very well to maintain the Sandman seal of quality on all our productions, co-productions and own IP's.

Looking forward to producing the best animations shows with you in the coming months.