Flash Animation Services.


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Sandman Animation Studio has built a very highly experienced Flash animation and digital animation team over the year. Many of our artists coming from years of experience in traditional 2D animation and bringing with them a vast knowledge of animation techniques and styles. Today's digital animation is a very exciting area and one that we see as a very important part of the future of animation.


The sandman pre production team and Flash animation team have already shown their talents and conviction to quality after winning not one, but four animation awards at the Shanghai Animation Festival for our flash animation. We have worked on many Flash projects from Europe, USA and Asia and have produced and development many of our own projects too. Click here to see some of our latest projects

We have also set up many training classes for Flash and the classes have been held in very high regard in China. We hope to develop and improve these classes, so that we can also find new and exciting artists to add to our team. We are very well known for our high standard of animation production and smoothness of production and take great pride in the animation we produce. What ever the style or format your show is in very good hands.

If you have an animation project, TV series, movie or digital ink and paint project that you would like to talk with us about, please feel free to contact us.