Jane Jiang - President, Finance Director.

jane jiang

Jane Jiang is President and co-founder of the Sandman Animation Studio.

With 18 years of Animation Production experience behind her, as Producer and Production co-ordinator, Jane adds a very important structural balance to the company. Adding to that her years in SAES Shanghai, she gained very valuable accountancy, financial and managerial experience. Her position also gave her English language experience a boost as her position put her in daily working situation with many European and American co workers.

In 1994, Jane began working as an Animation producer in Hong Ying, China, and worked on many overseas TV series productions and film productions for Disney, Warner Bros, Golden Films, Collingwood O’Hare Entertainment, Cartoon Network and DIC entertainment. Her working knowledge of production schedules and the nuts and bolts of animation has made her an excellent leader and teacher in the company and a constant benchmark for our staff to work to.

jane jiang

Her passion for a friendly and professional working team has shaped many of the working systems set up at the company and those systems have proved a very important element in not only delivering the show on time but to the highest quality possible. This in turn has built a very impressive team of technical and artistic excellence. Jane was also instructional in raise the company to become one of the very few ISO Companies in Asia, making us one of the most secure and well managed Animation studios in Asia.

In 2009 Sandman animation had already achieved a string of awards for it's own IP productions including the 'Crystal Star Award' and '3 Golden Panda Awards' and many of our overseas shows have also become mulit-award winners including a BAFTA winning 'A Child's Christmas' for best feature animation, and 'Horrid Henry' the BAFTA nominated for 'Best kids TV series'

.crystal star award

Jane’s honesty and purity has inspired and continues to inspire me to this day. She is both fluent in Chinese and English and makes communication and production work, a very smooth and pleasurable experience.

CONTACT JANE; jane@sandmanimation.com.cn