3D Animation Services.

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Sandman Animation Studio has become a one-stop-shop for animation companies, as we provide 2d traditional, Flash digital, 3D animation, digital ink and paint, composite and editing facilities. A lot of projects today combine 2d and 3d elements and for productions to work, producers need to find a quality studio to produce these elements. In most cases this can only be achieved by using two separate studios. Sandman has it all under one roof.

3D animation is a very competitive market today and that is what keeps it so fresh and exciting. Many of our 3D artists have come over from years in 2D animation, so bring with them a vast knowledge of animation and the strong skills to make it work. We pride ourselves of providing the best animation anywhere in Asia in any format your animated show needs.

In mid 2009 Sandman Animation took a giant leap forward and started pre production on it's own 3D animation series 'Little China'. It was an incredible journey for us and one that is beginning to lift us to a higher level of excellence. The pilot for 'Little China' went on to win the ‘Crystal Star Animation Award’, so we are very excited to see the final production at the end of 2010. This large investment has proved to be a very impressive step forward and has been received very welcoming news to our growing list of clients.

In 2009 our high quality 2D animation produced the BAFTA winning 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' feature animated movie, the BAFTA nominated 'Horrid Henry' series and also produced the multi award winning 'my Pet' and 'Oddbod' series. We are very confident to follow that success in the 3D field and raise the company to the ultimate animation studio provider..

If you have an animation project that you would like to talk with us about and would like to experience the smooth production values that Sandman Animation studio has to offer, contact us.