For shows we have worked on

Oscar nomination


Underground Cinema Film Festival Award

Crystal Star Award best animation project for 'Little China'

'A Child's Christmas' a BAFTA winner

Sandman Animation Studios at the Shanghai Animation Awards Ceremony.

THREE Golden Pandas for Sandman Animation Studio, IMPRESSIVE.

Best Animation 'MY PET' Shanghai Animation Festival.

Best Animation 'Odd Bob' Shanghai Animation Festival.

Brass Plaque of Honors for Sandman Animation Classes.


Magazine Articles

Sandman; The future of Chinese Animation

Chinese Animation Industry 2009

China Animation Magazine interview with Nelson Chu,2009-5-30.

Shanghai 15th Animation Festival Awards.

Sandman Animation at Suzhou “Wealth of Animation” festival.

Sandman at Shanghai CICAF 2009

Magazine article on Sandman


Nelson chu interview

Little China UK TBCI Article int.

Chinese award winner

Suzhou Film News article 2007