Wonderful Children's books for iTunes and Kindle

We have produced hundreds of Award Winning animation cartoons and now we are extremely excited to have for you the full highly entertaining books for iTunes and Kindle devises. Inluding;

King Ra Ra, Little China, Flug and the Oddies, Odd Bod saves the world and Mission-E. Download them and enjoy with the kids.


Flug and the Oddies . NEW ! 104 stories

Flug and the Oddies. NEW !!! The new and exciting collection of children's books. Flug takes us on many comical adventures in the bug and fairy world. Available on itunes and Kindle formats.


MISSION - E . 104 stories

MISSION - E review "Probably one of the best 2D animation shows to come out of China. 'MISSING - E ' by the Sandman Animation Studio, is a beautiful concept for fun and eduction, set in a very striking visual style. E stands for EMILY and the show takes us through Emily's dreamy adventure to find the perfect animal, but the reality of the animal takes her on a very unexpected and comical adventure beyond her wildeness dreams. This is a truly beautiful way to show children the importance of animals not being used as pets and the beauty of the natural animal world. A modern classic !"

'MISSION - E' is already an award winning animation show, winning the 'Shanghai Animation Festival Award' and a 'Golden Panda Award.


King Ra Ra. 104 STORIES

King Ra Ra is the King of Africa and believes as a King he can have anything, anytime. The animals of the jungle must do everything in their power to make him happy and they usually do. From going to the moon to digging all the way to Australia to meet the Kangaroo's. King Ra Ra would much rather be looking after his prized cartoons than being a King but he must keep the crown away from the sneaky snake HISS, who dreams of one day becoming King. This a fantastic collection of stories for all ages.

Winning the best animated pilot at the Shanghai Animation Festival. World Rights available.

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Little China. 104 Stories

The cutest Panda bear ever and these stories are bursting with fun and imagination. Little China learns to grow up with a crazy bunch of friends to learn from. Looney the monkey, Puff the Elephant, the King of the Birds, a lion with no nose and an grumpy alien from space ! This beautiful CGI animation has already won the 'Crystal Star' and ' the Shanghai Animation Festival Award and now a beautiful collection of childrens books. Adapted from the UK comic strip of the same name, this beautiful and highly imaginative show is the perfect collection for kids of all ages.

Little China is already an award winning animation show, winning the 'Shanghai Animation Festival Award' and a 'Golden Panda Award '






Oddbod online review. 'Oddbod is the craziest cartoon character ever produced from an Asian studio.The most fun we have had watching an animated cartoon, the sounds alone are enough to make you laugh and the quality of animation here is superb. 52 fun and outragious stories, we can not wait for the next season. A must for any kid.'

ODD BOD is already an award winning animation show, winning the 'Shanghai Animation Festival Award' and a 'Golden Panda Award '


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