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Little China - The Universe is Purple.


If you are a fan of the comic classics like 'Calvin and Hobbes',' Snoopy ' and many others from the days of ink on paper, then 'Little China' needs to be sitting up with them. Beautifully drawn and painted by hand, the artwork transforms the reader into Little China's world. It the comic strip explores a comical adventure to know more about the world around him and the feelings inside. Little China is adorable in his views on life and when things don't go as planned he is heard to exclaim "It's not easy being Purple !". His purple colour came from developing a taste for eating purple flowers. This adds a magical and heart warming element that simple makes you want to hug him.

The comic strip first ran in the Teddy Bear International magazine and now it has become a vast collection comic strip volumes for everyone to

own on Kindle and iPad devices. It is also a collection of children's books covering 51 countries and a 3D animated TV show, the pilot of which has won many awards including the 'Crystal Star for Animation'. The cuddly teddy bear of Little China has been reviewed in the 'BOSS' magazines and 'Teddy Bear International magazine' to name a few, which ran a competition to win one of the teddy bear plush toys. The competition had the largest amount of entries in the magazines history.

Little China is a Hollywood star in the making for kids and parents everywhere. Created and drawn by Kieron Seamons, who already has over 100 childrens books so far. With stories like Mission-E, about a little girl on a search for the perfect animal. Flug and the Oddies, a fun bunch of odd bugs that see the world very different from other bugs. King Ra Ra, a very childish thinking King of Africa that, wants all his wishes and dreams to become reality.

A highly recommended collection of Children's Stories, Comic Books, Early learning material and of course, a very cuddle toy. In short Little China stories are a future CLASSIC !


Little China - Roll on Summer.


Little China - Nemesis in a Puddle.




Little China - Selfportrait, see the real me.


The cutest Panda bear ever and these stories are bursting with fun and imagination. Little China learns to grow up with a crazy bunch of friends to learn from. Looney the monkey, Puff the Elephant, the King of the Birds, a lion with no nose and an a grumpy alien from space !

This beautiful CGI animation has already won the 'Crystal Star' and ' the Shanghai Animation Festival Award and now a beautiful collection of childrens books. Adapted from the UK comic strip of the same name, this beautiful and highly imaginative show is the perfect collection for kids of all ages.

Little China is already an award winning animation show, winning the 'Shanghai Animation Festival Award' and a 'Golden Panda Award '


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