King Ra Ra. 104 STORIES

King Ra Ra is the King of Africa and believes as a King he can have anything, anytime. The animals of the jungle must do everything in their power to make him happy and they usually do. From going to the moon to digging all the way to Australia to meet the Kangaroo's. King Ra Ra would much rather be looking after his prized cartoons than being a King but he must keep the crown away from the sneaky snake HISS, who dreams of one day becoming King. This a fantastic collection of stories for all ages.


Winning the best animated pilot at the Shanghai Animation Festival. World Rights available.

Black jaguar.

There are two black jaguars in the jungles of Africa and the jungle animals are busy running for their lives. But where was King Ra Ra? Does he know his land had been in danger? Does he know the beast is ready to pounce at any time ? Does he know that his life is in danger too? But where is King Ra Ra.........has he already fallen victim to the black beast or is there a silly surprise waiting for everyone...........??



Carrots for sale

King Ra Ra finds that his carrots are irresitable to the local shoppers and after making a huge amount of money from his first harvest, decides to go into business and sell them daily.........but when the demand grows so does his greed to be the richest cartoon seller on the planet. The prices grow to unbelievable heights But who would buy such outragously priced carrots....................






King Ra Ra deiced to be the first cowboy in Africa and with his trusty cowboy book handbook he is learning very quickly. Everyone thinks it is good for him to have a new hobby but when his cowboy ways get out of hand.......the jungle animals decide that something needs to be done.....and quickly !



Friends for dinner

Something weird has happened in the jungle. The great King Ra Ra has woken up a meat eating monster! He wasso hungry he could eat elephant, giraffe, bird and monkey all in one feast. The jungle animals had to hide while they worked on a plan and a cure for the meat eating madness.........who could be behind the King's transformation ? Who knows such bad magic ?............there could only be ONE person !!!




Fairy lights

The jungle is preparing for Christmas but the noise and the lights make it impossible for the King to sleep. In his frustration, he cancels Christmas to the shock of everyone. How could he do such a thing and how could they get it back ? Could Father Christmas have the answer with a little help from the jungle animals ? Surely even a King like Christmas................right ??



Golden carrot

It’s time for an important annual event – The “Golden Carrot Award”! King Ra Ra felt he was the best actor in all of Africa and was sure he could win this great award. But apparently, not everyone thought the same. He sets out to prove just how good his acting is and how great he would look in the movies or TV..........will he win the award ? or does the animals have a better plan ?





Deep sea

King Ra Ra had been reading all about Pirates and their treasure and it made him want to be the richest pirate captain ever. When he finds out that most of the treasure was now at the bottom of the ocean, he orders the jungle animals to journey deep below the waves to recover it. The animals instead discover a grumpy whale that could swallow them all in one gulp. How would they ever recover the pirates treasure and stay alive too !




Hot, hot, hot
King Ra Ra woke up to a very hot African morning as usual. But to his shock, he was in a very hot desert riding on a camel! What has happened and how did he get there? King Ra Ra missed his cool jungle and all his friends. How could he get rid of this hot desert? How could he get a drink ? and how could he get home ? Were the jungle animals too far away to help this time ?





King of snow
King Ra Ra felt tired of the super hot weather in Africa and would like to move to somewhere different. He picked a place that was covered in snow all the year round. But when the jungle animals arrived, they found that there was already a king ruling there. When two great Kings were ready for a fierce battle, something unexpected happened……



King of space

King Ra Ra would love to be the great king for the moon and he ordered the jungle animals to take him there. Sending King Ra Ra to the space must be the most difficult mission so far…… but jungle animals came up with a perfect plan for King Ra Ra and finally made his dream come true! Well almost..........But did one of the aliens follow them home ?




King Ra Ra finds himself in a mysterious and dangerous part of the jungle that he has never seen before. He had no idea where it was but he knew he had to escape quickly. When he tried to escape, he was mistaken for a Mr. Nobody who was going to assassinate the King! How could the King assinate himself.......just when he thinks he has the perfect plan he meets the real Mr. Nobody. Who planned the assassination and why ? How could the jungle animals ever help him now.............surely this was the end of King Ra Ra for ever !!




King Ra Ra is tired of chase bugs that steal his carrots and even the jungle animals can not stop them. One morning he see an advert for an amazing Robot that he thinks could do the job............and much more. Infact much more than even the jungle animals can do. The animals can not take it any more, he is just too good at everything..............or is he ?



Royal inspection

King Ra Ra was happily enjoying a royal bath in the sunshine, untill he received an important letter that ruined his good mood completely! The Royal Inspector were coming to check if King Ra Ra was a real king. It was serious and caused a jungle emergency! King Ra Ra needed help! Only his most trusted and loyal friends could help !




King Ra Ra was very excited with his new book, a book about dragons! He wanted to dress up in armour, ride a wild horse and become the most famous dragon slayer in all of Africa, more than anything. So he asked the jungle animal for help. Only one problem, No dragons !! How could they find him a REAL dragon? Was there a real dragon that still existed? How were they going to please the King this time !!!!



The King with Two brains
The jungle animals found out a scary truth – the King of Africa might be an alien with two brains! They were all shocked and frightened. The whole jungle were called to set up an emergency military training and build the most cunning traps ever seen in Africa! They were ready to catch a King with two brains ! Would he out smart them and destroy Africa with his laser beam eyes and dangerous bottom gasses............



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