Little China, Big Winner !


Shanghai 15th Animation Festival Awards.

Shanghai Animation Festival Awards have become a very important event for the animation industry in China and the awards themselves have opened the doors for many of the top animation companies around the country. The festival has gained recognition international in recent years bringing a large flow of high quality animation leaders from around the world.

Shanghai Animation Festival is co-hosted by the Organizing Committee of Shanghai TV Festival, Shanghai Culture and Technology Creative Industry Base and Shanghai Union Animation & Comic Industrial Development Centre.

The awards not only launched into preliminary lavish prizes with up to 30,000 RMB awarded to selected project for Animation Production, but also focuses on post-production promotion and marketing of the projects. Six of the selected projects of the 2008 event had been presented by STVF in MIPCOM JUNIOR 2008 in Cannes, France in search of buyers worldwide. These six pilot shows had caught the eye of many in the market, and gained 234 click-through rates from buyers. Chief among them were animation tycoons and TV stations like Nickelodeon, Disney, BRB, Cartoon Network, etc. Currently, several projects are under further negotiations with buyers. Besides buyers from abroad, domestic TV stations such as CCTV also showed great interest and investment intention.

This year the ‘Crystal Star Award’ was awarded to only eight animation companies. Among the winners were, Sandman Animation Studio,. A company that has already won 2 animation awards in previous years and sealed its name as one of the fastest developing and most exciting animation companies in China. Their project ‘Little China’ has become very well known and talked about at many of the Animation Awards and Animation Festivals across the country.

‘Little China’ has been a very popular comic strip published in the UK by artist and creator Kieron Seamons and the popular toy has featured on the front cover of international magazines such as ‘Teddy Bear International’ and received the highest amount of applications in the magazines history, to win the toy. A very impressive feat for a well established magazine. The Comic strip adventures tell the comical adventures of a baby panda growing up on the edge of a magical forest, somewhere in China.

Jane Jiang , President of Sandman Animation “ we are delighted to win another award at this years Animation Festival. We have developed three projects through the company and every project has won an award, it is an incredible achievement for such a young company and I am extremely proud of Sandman Animation Studio and everyone who works for us.”

The judges were very excited to see the 2D animated project, ‘Little China’ and very impressed with the extremely high quality of their animation and production values, especially since the show has been flooded by 3D projects this year. Many Judges felt that ‘Little China’ captured the beauty of China, and the 2D traditional artwork brought a wonderful imaginative and artistic feeling to the subject.

Jane Jiang‘Little China’ is our current project and our most exciting. It pulls together 2D, Digital and traditional artwork design to produce an amazingly beautiful and educational set of stories for children of all ages. It is also our biggest production to date and one that we feel will show China as a major animation force in the world market’

Sandman Animation has built a very impressive track record in only a few years, and have many eyes watching their development and growth with admiration. In their first few years they have developed, won awards and put into production THREE of their own shows, ‘My Pet’,‘Odd bod’ and ‘King Ra Ra’, and now with ‘Little China adding to the excitement. Making Sandman Animation Studio a very hot property in the animation market today.


Congratulations Sandman Animation !